Your Pet Business and Multimedia

Your Pet Business and Multimedia

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With the advent of Instagram, Flickr and Snapchat, people are moving away from solely text-based communications. Photos grab attention and this news is the best kind for dog walkers and pet sitters. You probably send photos in updates to your clients  – here’s how to benefit further from what you’re already doing.


Chances are that you already take photos of the pets you keep and send those to their guardians. Pet parents need confidence that Rover is doing well, and photos speak more than words. Instead of simply telling a pet guardian that Rover is doing well, you send them a picture of him playing in the yard, tongue out and eyes bright. This shows them that Rover is actually having a good time, but it also takes away any mystery. Guardians are then involved in your work. They see that Rover is getting the care he deserves.

By sharing these photos on social media, especially Instagram and Flickr, you are showcasing the kind of pet business you run. The next time someone is wondering what goes down at a pet sitter’s house, they can scroll through your Insta and see for themselves what their loved one will experience.


If you’re anything like me, you’re a bit camera shy. (By “a bit,” I mean it crosses over into phobia territory.) The good news is that for pet sitters, all of the spotlight is on Rover. Shoot a quick video the next time you play fetch. Not only does this show happy pets (like stated above), but this also shows activity. Exercise and playtime are key ingredients for healthy animals, but catching that in action instead of just a still image is even more effective.

Video also has a place in social media. Instagram now has Stories and Snapchat is a huge video sharing tool. The next time you’re recording video, you can add that to your Instagram Stories or go ahead and open Snapchat to instantly share with your followers.

Discounts and Promotions

Whether you’re running a referral program, have discounts for the holidays or discounts for multiple pets, you can use photos to spread the word. Photos are easily shared and move quickly. Create an image with your referral code or coupon and share it across all your social media sites. You can even incorporate this kind of image in an email blast or text messages to your current clients.

Multimedia gets rapidly shared, especially images of animals (think Lolcats in the early 2000s). Because of this, people will share just about anything with a cute dog or cat – even if they aren’t actively looking for a pet sitter. By producing quality multimedia, news of your brand and pet business can spread quickly. This garners attention from new clients, and reinforces the good standing you have with current clients.

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