Will Bold Text Help My Website SEO?

Will Bold Text Help My Pet Business Website SEO?

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Yes! According to Google’s John Mueller, bolding and italicizing “important” text does help with SEO and search engine rankings. It is important not to go overboard, but emphasizing important points and keywords is a good idea. Mueller stated it was all relative to the rest of the content on the page, and bolding everything does not help.

Bolded Text and SEO Crawlers

Google’s crawlers’ jobs is to understand what is important on a webpage. Even though these crawlers can usually determine what is important on their own, the effective use of bolded text can help make the message clearer.

During the Google Search Central SEO Office Hours Hangout, Mueller stated:

“So usually we do try to understand what the content is about on a web page, and we look at different things to try to figure out what is actually being emphasized here, and that includes things like headings on a page.

But it also includes things like what is actually bolded or emphasized within the text on the page. So to some extent that does have a little bit of extra value there, in that it’s a clear sign that actually you think this page or this paragraph is about this topic here.

And usually that aligns with what we think the page is about anyway, so it doesn’t change that much.”

Should I go Bold Text on My Website?

Yes, it would help if you considered bolding important information that will help Google’s crawler better understand your webpage. But keep in mind that the quality of your content and other SEO factors are crucial for this factor to be considered. Poor content quality with bolded text isn’t helpful

“Overall, you need to take context into consideration. If you BOLD AN ENTIRE PARAGRAPH, but the surrounding text isn’t about that topic, or the page isn’t, it won’t help.” – Amy Toman Pet Sitter SEO.


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