Why You Need to Stop Using Instagram Automation

I encourage you to invest time in scheduling future posts across your social media platforms but avoid using Instagram automation software at all costs. Automation software is great for certain marketing strategies, like email marketing and content scheduling, but it should never replace human engagement. When I see pet businesses use automated engagement tools, it makes me cringe! It sounds like a great tool, but is it too good to be true? Instagram automation software is an easy way to gain more followers, get more likes and have bots comment on your behalf. So, what could go wrong?


I got spammed last week on Instagram from an automated bot. When I saw this account posting the same comment on multiple photos that didn’t make sense, I knew right away that a person did not take their time to craft the comment. When someone writes ‘Cute picture’ on my advice post, I know right away that a human did not write that and I immediately lose respect for that brand. Sometimes it is hard to distinguish a bot from a human post. Being aware of this kind of activity can help you differentiate spam from genuine engagement.

Here are a few reasons why Instagram automation software can ruin your brand’s reputation.

Damaging Your Brand With Awkward Comments

Can you recall ever getting a comment on your Instagram photo and think, “that does not make sense?” Alternatively, wonder how someone could be so heartless and comment “That is so cool” on a picture of an abused or starving dog? Or how about someone commenting the word “Cute” on a dog food recall warning? If this has happened to you, then you have been a victim of an Instagram automation bot. Now think about how damaging this could be to the reputation of your professional pet business. Check out the blog called “I Tried Instagram Automation (So You Don’t Have To)” for some more examples of Instagram automation. Instagram provides you with endless opportunities to engage with local pet parents, so it is important to keep your account personal and engaging. There is no room for bots!

Using Bots will Ruin Your Instagram Feed

You run a local pet business. You should be following and engaging with local pet owners in your area that may need your services. Automation can help you grow your followers on Instagram, but it may flood your feed with accounts that are not your target audience, and therefore missing out on engaging with your customers and local pet owners. It is important to remember that quality is better than quantity. Take the time to provide your followers with interesting and educational content. Research local hashtags to find out where potential clients hang out online. Keep your feed vacant for the accounts you want to follow and engage with on a daily basis.

Risking the Suspension of Your Business Account

Most importantly, Instagram automation bots that comment and follow on your behalf goes against Instagram’s terms of service. Every time you use one of these services you risk the chance of your account being reported as spam and suspended. Annoying your audience with comments that do not make sense is a good way to get reported and banned. As a pet business owner, losing your Instagram account could be detrimental to you business and not worth the risk.

Before you resort to Instagram bots, be sure you fully understand the repercussions. Remember, having more followers does not equal more engagement or sales. You need to put the time and effort in to engage with your audience as a professional. You cannot replace human interaction with automated bots. Your audience will eventually catch on and your brand will be tainted. Plus, nobody is on Instagram to interact with bots.

Every like, post, follow and comment from the Barketing Blog’s Instagram account is done by a human.


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  1. Thank you for this! I strongly dislike automation (aside from scheduling posts ahead of time) in social media anyway. But I feel like it’s incredibly obvious when brands automate Instagram, which, yes, keeps actual customers from following and engaging with you.

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