What Does the End of Google+ Mean for Pet Businesses?

What Does the End of Google+ Mean for Pet Businesses?

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You have probably all heard the buzz that Google is shutting down their Google+ social network. This doesn’t come as a tremendous surprise as the platform hasn’t been as popular as Facebook and Instagram. But, some pet businesses still used it because it was a Google product. We all know Google is known to prioritize their products. There hasn’t been any other reason to use it. The surprising part is that Google is shutting down the social network due to a massive security breach, not due to fading traffic and popularity. This shouldn’t hurt your SEO, but it is good to know how this will affect local businesses. What should pet businesses know now that Google+ is shutting down?

Phew! One less thing to worry about!

With so many social networks to worry about, Google+ is one you can forget on. Now you can focus extra time on creating quality content for your website (the most critical place) and concentrate on networks that have more engagement. It is good practice to prioritize a few social networks rather than having multiple inactive accounts on every platform. This does come as a reminder that everything online is transient, which is why your best content should be hosted on your website. You have total control of your site. It is crucial to push website content to social networks afterward.

Focus on Google My Business Posts.

There is talk that Google My Business Posts are just in the early stages. With Google+ shutting down, it is an excellent time to focus on Posts if you haven’t started yet. The content that you have have been posting on Google+ can be used to create Posts. Google My Business Posts are visible in the SERPs (Search Engine Results Pages) as part of your Google My Business profile. Posts are a great way to share exciting news, promotions, events, and announcements with potential clients in Google Search.

Your local SEO won’t be affected.

The relevance of Google+ on local SEO has declined to pretty much nothing over the years. Yes, Google My Business (formerly Google Places) was heavily integrated with Google+ years ago, but it is not very important any longer.

Should you delete your Google+ account?

You can delete your Google+ account if you would like or leave it to Google to remove when them the time comes. Before you delete your account, log in and save all of your content before the network is discontinued. You can download your personal and business content from Google+ with Google Takeout. Since the platform is susceptible to data leaks, it might be a good idea to download your data and close your account now.

Remove Google+ from your website.

Now you can remove your Google+ icons from your website. Perform a quick website audit to make sure Google+ is removed across the board. If you have a webmaster, send them a message to remove Google+ for you. Make sure you remove any icons that link to your Google+ profile:

Check your headers and footers. Remove any social sharing links on your blog posts. Check your personal and business signatures. Make sure review links are for Google My Business and not Google+. Double check your signage and printed marketing material.

Find new local search communities

Some of you may have been using the communities on Google+. If you were, then you may want to find new places to network online. Move your community to another platform like Facebook Groups and join groups on other platforms.


Google+ wasn’t a social network we spent a lot of time on, mainly because dog walkers and pet sitters didn’t “hang out” there. We chose to focus our energy where our audience spent time, on Facebook and Instagram. Whats the point of going to a party or networking event of nobody shows up?

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