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Once you submit the form, and our team sets up your account, you will be emailed access to your SEO portal.

  • Please distinguish between time to complete the tasks we assign and time committed to create/write content.
  • The most specific the better. Feel free to add more than one. (this will help us deliver better custom tasks for those on the SEO Manager and SEO Team plans)
  • Competitors

  • Understanding your competition is important. When you select your top 3 competitors - choose those who are ranking above you in Google Search. It is best to ad competitors based on the content of their website, example: if they write a lot of blogs then add them below. **If you are on the SEO Manager or SEO Team plan, we will ensure the competitors you choose are the best option based on keyword research
  • Keywords

    Before we can build an SEO keyword strategy we need some ideas. We will use our tools + your competitor's websites to discover keywords suggestions to get you started!
  • If you have keywords your current rank high for, please list them below. We will research to see if these keywords are driving traffic to your site. Basically, we will see if customers are searching for them and in what volume.
  • Do your competitors rank high for keywords that you want to rank high for? List them here:
  • If you have any keyword ideas (for your services, blog posts etc...) List them here: (If you are on the SEO Manager of SEO Team - this will help give us a start on what type of content we should add to your task list)
  • Sitemap

  • Local SEO

    It is VERY important that your business NAPs (Name, Address, Phone Number) is identical everywhere on the internet. Ex: "Happy Dog Walking Co". and "Happy Dog Walking" are considered different and can hurt your local SEO ranking potential. It must be the exact same on your website, Facebook, Instagram, Yelp, Google My Business directories etc.. (With many directories, you can hide your address - but it is essential to verify your business)
  • Content

  • Note: None of our plans include writing content, but we do have separate blog writing plans. We will tell you to want you should write each month.
  • Technical SEO

  • Do you have a Google Analytics account connected to your website?
  • Do you have a Google Search Console account connected to your website?

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