Reinstating Suspended or Disabled Google Business Profiles – Important Upcoming Changes

Reinstating Suspended Or Disabled Google Business Profiles – Important Upcoming Changes

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As you may be aware, Google has recently changed it’s process for reinstating suspended or disabled Google Business Profiles (GBP) accounts in the European Union. The global rollout of these changes is expected. Therefore, it is important that your listing is ready as the process is not one you want to go through!

The previous process was pretty simple. You received an email from Google and filled out a form to request reinstatement, which was reviewed by a support tech. 

Under the previous system, you had multiple chances to appeal your suspension, but this will no longer be the case! If you don’t have your ducks in a row initially, you could lose your listing forever! Ah! ZERO second chances with the new process.

Suspension Triggers: 

  • Algorithmic Sweep
  • Account Issues
  • Manual Suspensions

Common Causes for Suspension: 

  • Listing Yourself as Open 24 Hours When You’re Not
  • Adding Keywords to Your Business Name
  • Having Your Address at a Virtual Office or Co-working Space
  • Changing Your Address
  • Creating Multiple Listings For the Same Business
  • Creating Multiple Listings at the Same Address

If you are one of those business owners who is in violation of one of the above and always thought, “well I will take my chances –  I get a lot of customers from my rankings and haven’t been caught yet,” this may be the time to stop risking it all!

For more information on the causes and fixes for Google Business Profile (GBP) Suspensions, check out this article by Brightlocal


Source: Sherry Bonelli

The New GBP Reinstatement Process

While the new process will offer more transparency by specifying which polict was violated, it doesn’t provide much more guidance on the violation itself. 

You will have ONLY ONE chance to apply for reinstatement, which means you need to ensure it is being done correctly. When you initiate the reinstatement process, you have 60 minutes to upload the necessary supporting documentation.

Before commencing, please contact Amy Toman (Google Product Expert) at PetSitterSEO to ensure you have everything you need to appeal. 

How the new process works: 

  1. You receive an email notifying you that your Google Business Profile has been suspended. The email will include a hint about which guideline was violated and a link to the relevant section of the guidelines for you to review.
  2. To begin the reinstatement process, you will log in to your GBP account. Make sure you’re using the account that has access to the profile in question. 
  3. Once you select your profile, you’ll move to a vital screen where you must act fast. You have 60 minutes to gather your business proof and upload it. If you miss this window, your proof will not be considered, and you may lose your profile forever. 

Source: Sherry Bonelli


What if reinstatement was unsuccessful?

Unfortunately, there is no formal appeal process via Google Support if your appeal was unsuccessful, and it would be best to seek advice from a product expert to see if you will ever be able to recover your account. This is why it is crucial that you have everything ready before you apply for reinstatement. 

Have your paperwork on standby!!!

What Amy (Google Platinum Product Expert – Google Business Profiles) has to say about the new process

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