Monthly Content Packages

Blog and Blog Refresh Packages

Blog Refresh Packages

1 Blog Refresh Per Month – $65/month
2 Blog Refreshes Per Month – $120/month
3 Blog Refreshes Per Month – $170/month
4 Blog Refreshes Per Month – $215/month

Blog + Blog Refresh Packages:

1 Blog + 1 Blog Refresh per month – $155/month
1 Blog + 2 Blog Refreshes per month – $210/month
2 Blogs + 1 Blog Refresh per month – $225/month
2 Blogs + 2 Blog Refreshes per month – $275/month

Blog Content Packages:

1 Blog per month – $100/month
2 Blogs per month – $175/month
3 Blogs per month – $250/month
4 Blogs per month – $325/month

Are you in BMWB? Special packages are available to work with your monthly blog outlines. Email for more:

What's the difference between a Blog and a Blog Refresh?

Blog Packages

New blog posts written for your business

Unique SEO focused blog. 500-600 words per blog with internal and external linking strategy. Topics are focused on local topics and answering potential client’s questions.

Why do I need monthly blogs?

Give Search Engines a reason to crawl your website. Google loves fresh content and frequent publishing keeps you on their radar. But most important is the quality and relevance of content. Consistent blogging proves you are a thought-leader, builds trust, keeps your website relevant and helps generate new traffic to your website and attract new clients.

What do I get?

Includes - One (1) 500-600 word blog, One (1) blog graphic, One (1) animated Facebook post graphic, One (1) animated Instagram post graphic, One (1) animated Instagram story graphic.

Blog Refresh Packages

Refreshing old under performing blog posts

Refresh of old blogs that may still be relevant but content is out-dated, under-optimized and old school formatting. Improve the SEO and readability so you can re-share.

Why do I need this?

Keep your site fresh and attractive by reviving old blogs Improve traffic to old underperforming posts with good topics. Google is more likely to serve fresh content using current SEO techniques. Show you care and can be trusted by ensuring all content is relevant and accurate. Catapult your website's SEO by dealing with "low handing fruit" AKA old posts.


Includes - Refresh of one old blog post, One (1) blog graphic, One (1) animated Facebook post graphic, One (1) animated Instagram post graphic, One (1) animated Instagram story graphic.

Our Blog Process

Plan and Research

New Blogs: Keyword research to ensure blogs are focused on the right terms that are relevant with a lower competitiveness factor. Planning main points and collecting a list of latent semantic keywords. Client to send any relevant content.
Blog Refresh: Review Google Search Console to find which blogs to focus on first, research latent semantic keywords.

Drafting content

New Blogs: Blog to be drafted according to research plan following our extensive blogging checklist.
Blog Refresh: Post refreshed based on research and our extensive blogging checklist focusing on improving search engine optimization and readability.

Polishing content

New Blogs: Draft is sent to client for review and revisions. Once the blog has been polished, title tags and strategic meta descriptions crafted.
Blog Refresh: Draft is sent to client for review, then refresh of title tags and meta description completed.

Social Media

Once the blog has been completed or refreshed, you will receive access to a Google Drive folder with blog content, images, and social media graphics.


  • Monthly subscriptions are priced for clients who have purchased a website package from Barketing Solutions. If you wish to use our monthly packages with a Non-Barketing website, monthly packages will vary based on your current website setup.
  • You can upgrade/downgrade monthly package, but it you upgrade, you must remain at the higher level for a minimum of three (3) months before moving back down.