How to Prep Your Website for a Re-Launch

How to Prep Your Website for a Re-Launch

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With the talk of governments reducing restrictions in the near future,  now is the time to make sure you are ready for your re-opening. There is a good chance that running your business will look a little bit different than pre-COVID. 

  • Booking Process: Likely this will change. We encourage you to implement Virtual Meet & Greet’s for new clients to streamline your onboarding process while maintaining social distancing precautions. You can use a tool like Calendly where clients can book these Virtual Meet & Greet’s easily without any back and forth communication needed! This can also help you weed out those who will not be a good fit. 
  • Protocols and Policies: For those who have remained open during COVID-19, I’m sure your policies have already changed. Use your website and email marketing to clearly state your updated safety protocols and new policies your clients must adhere to.
  • Update Your Website: Now is the perfect time to update your website or invest in a new modern design. You have time to invest and you need to prepare for the anticipate surge in business. Make sure your copy is updated to reflect the “new normal” and ensure your booking process is easy and flawless. *cough cough* add the virtual meet and greet!


Check out this video of Erika explaining how to prepare your website for your re-opening. We have also provided you with a checklist that you can download to help you prepare!

Download a FREE Website Re-Launch Checklist!

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