How Instagram Stories Can Help Your Pet Business

How Instagram Stories Can Help Your Pet Business

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Social media has become a great and necessary way to stay connected with your customers. You are able to give your customers peace of mind about their furry friends, as well as to keep them up to date about your pet business. It can be a fun way to engage your customers, but with the hectic nature of running a kennel, sometimes it can be hard to keep your social media updated.

It can be frustrating to find time to post on social media, since after all, you do have a kennel to run. On the one hand, you don’t want to bombard your followers’ feed with too many pictures, but at the same time, you also want to show off your passion and love for the pets and your business! It can be difficult to feature all of your furry guests on your Instagram without going overboard. No need to worry anymore because Instagram’s new feature gives you the best of both worlds.

Instagram’s Newest Feature: Instagram Stories

Last week, Instagram released a new feature called Stories, which is similar to Snapchat’s stories feature. Instagram Stories allows you to focus on running your kennel since you can update on the go and at your own convenience. The stories are temporary and in the moment, so you won’t feel the pressure of everything being perfect, especially with active pups. Instagram’s new feature update is particularly useful for those who are too busy to start a new social media channel and build yet another following. Since you already have followers on Instagram, the work is done!

With Instagram Stories, you can quickly and easily share as many pictures and videos as you like throughout the day. No need to worry about finding time to edit and caption your photos before adding them to your Instagram anymore. Your stories will only be visible to all your followers for 24 hours. Instagram also provides you with a list of viewers, since your followers need to click on your stories to view them rather than just scroll. With this, you can identify your most engaged followers. While scrolling through Instagram’s news feed can be fun, your followers now also have the option of finding your stories at the top of the newsfeed for quick and easy access.

Check out our video to see how to create and share an Instagram Story.

With the integration of Snapchat-like content into Instagram, sharing your favourite moments with your customers has never been easier! Now every moment with your furry guests can be shared and your customers will love seeing their pets having a great time at your kennel. This allows you to keep your content fresh and your followers will be curious and excited to see what you and your furry guests have been up to within the last 24 hours. Besides piece of mind for your customers, this new feature can also be used to promote your kennel with discounts and coupons, provide virtual tours of your facility, and even create contests specifically for your Instagram followers.Tours of your facility can build trust with your customers and gives them an inside look at your kennel and how much fun their pups are having. Casual updates like the stories feature create a sense of transparency in your business, which can make a lot of people feel more comfortable leaving their pets in your care. Who doesn’t enjoy fun, behind-the-scenes access? The new Instagram Stories feature is a great way to announce exclusive discounts or promotions. If you don’t want to create it directly on Instagram, you can upload an image from your camera roll by swiping down on the camera screen instead of taking a picture. However, you can only choose pictures that have been taken within the last 24 hours. Promoting discounts and specials on Instagram can increase customer loyalty, re-engage past clients, and attract new ones.Contests and draws are another fun and creative way to engage your customers. By integrating Instagram’s hashtags and messaging into your stories, you can create a new channel to easily conduct contests and draws. Ask follows to share photos featuring a unique hashtag or to respond to your story to be entered into a draw. Never underestimate the effect that a small incentive can have on your pet business. Get creative!


The new Instagram Stories feature has plenty to offer your pet business. Have fun experimenting with your social media and let us know how this new feature works for you.

This post was originally published by ProPet Software


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