Google Voice now available for G Suite Users

Google Voice now available for G Suite Users

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Google Voice is now available to all G Suite customers in selected regions after completing beta testing last year. Previous Google Voice was only available for select users, but it is now available for all users in Denmark, France, Netherlands, Portugal, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, U.K., and U.S. Google Voice will soon be available in Canada and Ireland. Yay! They have also increased their prices.

What is Google Voice?

Google Voice is an Internet-based smart voice communication service where you are assigned one phone number and have it enabled to ring to multiple devices. It also allowed you to screen phone calls, block numbers and apply rules based on callers. Google will transcribe Voicemails and send the message to you by text or email. Google Voice is a great service if you use your personal phone number for your pet business. You no longer need to carry both your work and your personal phone with you. Google Voice was free for personal use and is now available for G Suite Users.

Changes to Google Voice

If users signed up for Google Voice prior to this new launch, they will be able to maintain the unmanaged legacy version at no additional cost. Managed Google Voice is now available as an upgrade. It is available in 3 tiers and will become an available core service after subscribing.

Why Should You Use Google Voice? (If you are in the US)

You can able to place and receive calls right from Gmail with Google Voice and they appear to come from your number instead of a shared number. You are no longer stuck to your phone! Text from any browser or phone for free and message history is saved online. This is ideal if your employees are texting clients as you can keep a record of all message history. It is easy to switch numbers or bring your own. As mentioned earlier, voicemail includes a transcribe feature that will send the message to you in text format. Setup call forwarding with rules. As you grow your pet sitting business, you will want this when you are away from the business. To top it all off, you can also switch phones during a phone call! If a meeting goes long on your computer, switch to your smartphone and you’re off!

Never miss an important call with Google Voice and it’s digital integration! Do you use Google Voice?

New Pricing

Google has also increased its pricing for G Suite today. Basic increased from $5/month to $6/month and Business has increased from $10/month to $12/month.

If you would like to move your email to G Suite or interested in Google Voice, send us a message. Barketing Solutions clients on our Standard and Plus packages can enjoy discounts on their G Suite licenses.

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