Advertising While You’re Working

How many cars drive by while you’re walking a client’s dog? How many of your clients’ neighbors see you walk in and out of a house multiple times a week? Who do you regularly see at the dog park? Who passes by your car while you’re at the pet supply store? All of these people are advertising opportunities waiting to happen.

Business Cards On The Go

Because you’re a serious sitter bent on making a living, you probably already have business cards with referral coupons. Take these with you on your next walk or house sitting gig. You never know when you’ll run into another pet guardian who is looking for a regular, reliable sitter. Having those business cards on hand (and easily accessible (don’t make someone wait while you dig through your backpack of leashes and poop bags) means you can whip those out to anyone willing to strike up a conversation with you on the go.

Bonus tip: Visit a local veterinarian’s office and ask if you can leave a few business cards with them, or displayed at the front desk. That way the next time someone goes in for a check up your information is readily available. By advertising at a vet’s office, you’re targeting your ideal audience. 

Advertising With Branded Clothing

All things considered, you probably spend most of your time working actually working instead of looking for conversation or actively advertising. Maybe the dog you’re walking isn’t friendly with other dogs, so that leaves the dog park out of the question. That just means your clients’ neighbors are probably used to seeing you around, but may not say a word. One way to spread the word without uttering one is advertising via clothing. T-shirts with your brand’s name and logo (or hoodies and jackets when the weather is rough) send a message without direct a person-to-person conversation. Over time with regular stays, this brand can become ingrained in someone’s mind, and the next time someone mentions pet care to them – there you are.

Car Magnets

A car is a must-have for travel sitters. Whether you’re picking up multiple dogs, or just driving home to home, you spend a lot of time zipping around streets and highways. I know that I occasionally think about the lost earnings potential when I’m stuck in traffic, but those moments don’t have to be completely wasted. Car magnets are a great way to advertise between stays. Whether you’ve stopped at a red light, parked during a quick supply run or parked in a client’s driveway, a large car magnet with your branding is basically like a portable billboard. So many different people see your car as you’re passing by. If you’re at a pet store or a vet’s office, that’s already directly targeting pet guardians. All they have to do is snap a picture of the magnet or jot down your info.

You don’t always have time to engage in conversation while you’re working. You’re probably spending your energy minding Fido and being present with him. However, that doesn’t mean you get a pass! From car magnets to clothing, you have prime advertising opportunities to market in action while still being mindful of the client you’re working with at the moment. Plus, those new potential clients will see how present you are with the animals you care for while grabbing a picture of your car magnet.



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