7 Types of Landing Pages to Help Grow Your Pet Business

7 Types of Landing Pages to Help Grow Your Pet Business

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A Landing page is a stand-alone webpage that is distinct from your homepage and other pages. Landing pages are designed for one single focus and are a step in getting visitors to convert into paying customers. On landing pages you are making a trade, making a special offer, sharing premium information, sharing a deal etc.. in return you receive contact information, like an email address.

Homepages and services pages can be busy and packed with information overload. While landing pages have one specific call-to-action. Landing pages enable you to complete a post-click sequence with dedicated pages that show the visitor they have landed in the right place. Landing pages are a great way to get potential customers into all stages of your sales funnel.


Squeeze Landing Page

A Squeeze page asks visitors for their email address, in exchange for a free offer to get them into your marketing funnel. These are then added to your email list where you can nurture leads and turn them into future customers. These landing pages are short and basic lead magnets with bold headlines and minimal content. Squeeze pages are designed to collect email addresses from individuals who aren’t necessarily ready to book pet care services now, but they may be local pet parents that have the potential to eventually become clients.

Squeeze pages should include a persuasive headline, minimal copy, a short form (email address), CTA button (what they get for their email), a clear X button and privacy policy link. Gated content or a prompt to enter their email to receive a newsletter, ebook, Pet-Friendly Local Guide, quiz, or other content offers are some examples of squeeze pages. It is important that these individuals continuously receive email communication from your company, like a monthly newsletter and special offers to stay top of mind.

Lead Capture Landing Page

Similar to the Squeeze Page, the Lead Capture or Lead Generation landing pages are focused on collecting contact information from new leads. These are generally used by potential customers who are in the evaluation stage and are looking for more information. These individuals may be researching local pet care companies for an upcoming trip or dog walking services. The request and reward must balance so it is worth it for the visitor to join your mailing list. This means, don’t ask for too much money if the reward is small. If you are capturing information before a meet and greet, you may request more information than a Pet-Friendly Guide for your town PDF download.

Lead capture forms are great to help you qualify leads. Leads inquiring about your services or interested in booking a Meet and Greet, you may want to know when they need service, how they heard about you and where they live before scheduling an in-person or virtual meeting. Leads collected via lead capture forms should be entered into an email sequence to help nurture them towards booking services. These sequences can include testimonials, reminders, and links to content related to the service like blogs and videos.


Click-Through Landing Page

You must provide value to a potential client before asking for money. A Click-Through landing page does that. It is a middle man between your advertisement and the page you want the potential customer to land on. This page can include benefits of a specific service with a CTA encouraging people to schedule a Virtual Meet and Greet, but not a form to sign up. Once they click that button, they would be taken to another page where they can signup for that Meet and Greet.

The Click-Through page focuses on educating your customer on why they should move forward with the Meet and Greet. Perhaps you have a Click-Through page explaining the benefits of having a dog walker during the pandemic with a CTA directed to another landing page to schedule a meet and greet. You aren’t directly selling the dog walking service but you are helping them make the decision that they need a dog walker. When a potential client schedules a Meet and Greet through a click-through page, it shows that they are educated and a serious prospect.


Sales Landing Page

Sales pages are focused on the bottom of the sales funnel. These are designed for prospects who are ready to commit to your service and book now or make a purchase. This page is designed to convince people to buy or sign up now. You don’t want to sell too hard here, but you also don’t want to undersell and lose the potential client. The length of a Sales Landing page depends on your product/service but it is important that your sales pitch is detailed and the value proposition is clear with the goal of getting the visitor to make the purchase or sign up for your service.

Sales pages should contain a lot of information that is well organized. This can include a video of you explaining the service, the why, quotes from clients, FAQs and CTAs to get started. These pages work best when there is a sense of urgency attached. A great sales landing page could include an incentive like create a free account, signup by a certain date and get a discount, book now to get your first service free, or a special bonus for new clients.


Paid Ad Landing Page

If you are doing paid advertising – you should be sending these visitors to a landing page designed specifically for the ad. You want to generate leads from these ads so you need to make it easy and straightforward. These landing pages should be designed to collect information like an email address from those who click, so you can nurture these paid leads.

Paid Ad landing pages should be attention-grabbing and can include a video showing you performing the service promoted in the ad, animations and a clear message. This page should show (not tell) potential clients why they need to take the next step. When they add their email, you should then have an automatic email sequence send them an email to book their Meet and Greet along with a follow-up drip campaign for those who don’t schedule right away. Keep in mind, those who reach this landing page are actively looking for a solution to their problem – this page should show them how they can solve their problem.


Referral Landing Page

If your customers are referring you to their friends and family is huge! It is important to have a strategy to manage these referrals. A coupon or discount code that your clients can share with their friends and family along with a small incentive for their next booking can make it more enticing. Make it easy for your current customer to promote you but creating a referral landing page that they can share.

A referral page can help confirm the praise their family and friends have told them about your business. You can add a video talking about how you are thankful that your client shared your business with others and how you would love to help them with pet care. You can also add reviews or video testimonials from others clients as social proof.


Thank you Landing Page

Thank You pages are generally overlooked or an afterthought. They usually don’t serve a real purpose and tell the customer what they already know. However, this is a great opportunity to provide more value to a customer who is already highly motivated. On your Thank You page, you can add a personal touch, a video of you thanking them, you can list related products/services, add recommended content like blog post links, share social proof to reassure that they made the right decision, or even add a new CTA or form to book a meet and greet or take the next step.


Which landing page is best?

It depends on the specific offer you want to promote. You may want to add several different landing pages to collect leads at different stages in the sales funnel. Always track the analytics of your landing pages and remember it is good to A/B test to see what works best.

Our team at Barketing is working on a new service that includes Landing Pages to help our clients generate more leads. This service can be added to current plans and also available for non-website clients who have a WordPress site. Barketing Landing Pages can be connected to many popular email marketing platforms so you can manage your mailing lists and email nurturing sequences. This service will be similar to our website where you can select templates where you will just need to swap the content and connect to your provider. Signup to get notified when landing pages are ready!

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