How to Add Multiple Links to Your Instagram Bio

Have you ever wished you could add multiple links to your Instagram account bio? Well, now you can! Instagram only gives you one opportunity to link to outside resources and it is annoying to keep changing them. Introducing Linktree, a super helpful and free tool for Instagram! Linktree was designed to help you optimize your Instagram traffic by giving you the opportunity to link to multiple web pages. Finally!

How Does it Work?

It is really simple and quick to set up. Start by going to and then connect your Instagram account. Once you are signed up, you will be able to customize your Linktree page by adding links and changing the design. Next, all you need to do is decide which links you wish to add to Linktree then place your unique link in your Instagram bio for your followers. The best part is you can change the links and design at any time without having to change the link in your Instagram bio! Amazing!


Linktree Instagram Marketing - Barketing Blog

What Should I Link?

Using Linktree is an excellent way to help your followers find the information they want. Add a link that makes joining your mailing list easy and effortless. Add a ‘book now’ button or ‘schedule a meet and greet’ so potential new customers can quickly inquire about your services. Don’t forget to add the link to your pet business website. If you have an online pet store, include a ‘shop now’ link so they can easily access your store and start browsing immediately. Another idea is to add a link to a contact form to make it easy for your followers to send you a message. If you have a blog, you may want to add a link to your featured blog posts. The possibilities are endless and can change as your social media strategy evolves.

Monitor Clicks

The free version of Linktree offers basic analytics so you can monitor how many times each link has been clicked. Check your Linktree account frequently to see which links are most popular. If you have links that aren’t clicked often this gives you the chance to swap them out or change them for links that may be more enticing. Play around with the text on the buttons to see how wording effects the clicks.

Pro Version

The free version on Linktree is great. If you want Linktree to do more, you can upgrade to the pro version for $6 per month. This version will give you more detailed analytics and further customization abilities. The pro version also allows you to schedule links to go live in-line with scheduled posts. You can also retarget Linktree visitors on Facebook and Instagram by adding a Facebook Pixel.

This is a game changer! Link your Instagram profile to more than just your website. Give your followers the chance to interact more with your pet business. Linktree is an excellent way to optimize your Instagram account further and make it easier for potential clients to engage with your pet business. Use Linktree to grow your mailing list and increase leads for your pet business at the same time. Take your Instagram marketing to the next level by adding multiple links to your Instagram profile with Linktree.





  1. Thomas

    You guys should definitely check out too. It’s similar to Linktree but has more focus on social media (though other links are allowed). I think if users are primarily advertising social links (Facebook, Twitter, etc.) from Instagram, Compiled could be a better option.

  2. Dave

    Another way to add multiple links to your Instagram bio is with a tool called

    Just use to create a page with all of your links, and it will give you a single link you can add to your Instagram profile.

    You can find it at


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